Riding & Equine Assisted Therapy
Our team provides continual support, keeping you safe around the horses or in the saddle and helps keep clients focused on the session. Trust and positive social interactions flow from the individual’s relationships with our staff and horses.
Island Equus is a small family run centre that encourages a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Sharing our love for the horses (and other animal friends at Equus!) we build the basis of shared experiences and good friendships. Many new friends have been made at Equus and with our regular social events we have a lot of fun regularly meeting up to ride or just for a nice cuppa and a chat.
The dedication required to care for horses is a great responsibility and commitment. Learning how to properly care for all aspects of the horse’s wellbeing involves a great appreciation for the knowledge and duty to the animal. Putting the needs of the horse above our own we learn more about generosity and altruism and in turn improves our relationships with others.

Fun and enjoyment

'Working together with our team of horses and friendly staff helps build confidence and encourages positive social interactions'
Riding and horse care is above all enjoyable and with so many different experiences involved at the stables from learning how to groom and tack up to riding out in the countryside and mounted games fun there are a host of enjoyable activities to experience.  There is always something new to learn and continual learning and infinite scope for progression means that there is always fun to be had.


Working as a team to look after the horses and work within the routines of the stable yard is an important activity that can help individuals in many aspects of their social lives. Teamwork encourages shared experiences, improvements in interpersonal and communication skills, critical thinking, leadership, conflict resolution, creativity, strength and support for one another. 
    Friendship and teamwork are found at our fun social events which are regularly held during the school holidays and seasonally to celebrate festivities. The Equus family love to play mounted games and group sessions improving horsemanship and horse care knowledge.